mercy ministries

Previously known as APRECOM (AIDS Prevention and Care of Ministry)

Mercy ministry is a ministry that serves people living with HIV/Aids, Widows, Orphans, children with disabilities.

The aim of mercy ministry is to see the people we serve becoming self-reliant mutually supportive and filled with hope so that they can fulfill God’s calling on their lives and to raise awareness’ and equip churches and communities so that they will be more accepting and supportive of people that mercy ministry serves.

This ministry started in 1996 and was also called AIDS Prevention and Care of Ministry (APRICOM).

It serves more than 600 beneficiaries located in Kigali city, Bukora in Kirehe district.

We also work in Ruhuha, Bugesera district where we collaborate with more than 120 pastors to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

We encourage churches to support vulnerable people living with the disease.

We train pastors to encourage their congregation members living with HIV/AIDS to take a good care of them. We also teach them to sensitize their churches not to discriminate those people living with HIV/AIDS.

We want to see churches playing a leading role in reducing HIV/AIDS in the nation of Rwanda.

In every location we have two support groups. Every group has a support group leader under assistance who gathers all the information. They give us report if people are sick we visit them. If there is a family that is struggling we go for cancelling.

We also work to provide health insurance, food and cover medical costs for the most vulnerable. Most of those are HIV positive who are really sick. Maybe they have ARV but don’t have food to take them so we help with food for that.



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Mercy ministries serves in the following areas

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We work with children under 14 years. Because they are coming from broken families. We train them to have dignity, self-confidence and know their God given potential


We visit people in their homes especially those who are sick. During home visits we do counseling, pray and we encourage those on ARV’s to take their medication regularly.

We also give food and we help with practical work especially for those who are weak, when one is very sick, we help take them to the hospital.


During support groups, we pray and encourage one another. People share their testimony. It’s at this time that creativity is formed.

We work with different churches; we encourage and train church leaders to create safe environment for children with disabilities and to care for those who are in need.
We work with youth in Bugesera who are HIV positive, we train them on the importance of not spreading the virus and to build a catalyst. Importance of self-confidence.
We teach parents on positive parenting, since most of our parents are broken. We encourage on instilling good behavior in their kids.

Since many children are hidden in their homes who suffer from all manner of disabilities. We encourage parents to care for their children and bring them out and be part of the community, since they need also interaction.

HOW can i participate in mercy ministries?

Contact us for further details on how you can partner with us or get our services.

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