vocational training school

We have the community Vocational Training School (VTS) at Kirehe district (Bukoba).

We run vocational training whereby young people are trained and empowered with technical skills so that they can find employment or begin small business. We teach carpentry and tailoring to enable our beneficiaries to start their own workshops once they graduate.

We have the community where the vocational trainings are established in Kirehe district (Bukoba).

In Bukora we have gardening project and here in Kigali in Gahanga and Busanza. Clients do gardening both for the purpose of having fresh fruits and vegetables for proper nutrition and to generate income.

Our goal is to get big enough gardens and have enough beneficiaries involved in those three areas so that they can generate enough income.

Last but not least we train our beneficiaries to make arts and crafts, necklaces, basket, earrings, and bags among others.

We sell them from in our center when visitors or teams come for a visit. We sell them instead of them going to market and all the money goes to our beneficiaries and they are able to support their families and themselves.

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